The start of the expedition to the highest volcano in Asia

On 22nd of June, starts the First Stage of the sport expedition “Demavand - 2013”. The expedition is prepared by the combined team of PSLU, Regional Scientific and Sport Center of the North Caucasian Federal District and the international club “7 Summits Club Ltd”. The expedition will take part on the territory of the Islamic republic of Iran. 
Tasks and goals:
- the ascent to the highest volcano of the Asian continent – Demavand within the scopes of the project “PSLU flag on the famous peaks of the world”;
- the increase of the international image of athletes-mountaineers of the Chair of physical culture and sport of PSLU;
- to study of the experience of one of the world centers of international tourism, including the organization of trips for the representatives of other confessions in the Islamic world;
- to analyze the market of souvenir production and its role in the regional tourism advertising;
- to promote tourist resources of the North Caucasian Federal District in the international tourist information space.