Russian Language and International Educational Tourism in Pyatigorsk

Русский язык и международный образовательный туризм в Пятигорске

In July 2019 E.G. Ayrapetova, assistant professor at the Chair of Literature and Pedagogic Technologies in Philological Education gave Natacha Gabriel Alice Bouchon, Provence-Russia Association trainee (Association Provence-Russie, Avignon, République Française) “Russia: literature Pyatigorsk” educational tours.

During these tours, a French guest visited famous resort sights in Pyatigorsk, learned new facts about literature history of the resort region, related to M.Y. Lermontov, A.S. Pushkin, and L.N. Tolstoy. Linguistic and cultural content of the tours, exclusively designed by E.G. Ayrapetova were rich, captivating, and educational. Following Natacha’s feedback, her acquaintance with Pyatigorsk State University and information about foreign citizens’ education opportunities in PSU impressed her as well, which probably will influence the choice of a further educational facility.

Cooperation of our university experts with Russian language and Russian literature teachers in France began in 2016 within the “Russia-France-China: we speak Russian” humanitarian project of the Scientific and Practical Center of Multi-Profile Humanitarian Studies, Consulting, and Expertise (directed by I.V. Kicheva). This work was recognized as very fruitful and interesting for all the participants of the project. At present, the collaboration of Russian and French colleagues reached a new level: the programs of linguistic and cultural support of educational tourism in Russian language, educational career guidance for foreign citizens, further promotion of Russian language and culture abroad are under development.

We pay a special gratitude to A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, V.E. Mishin, head of the Department of International Relations and Educational Programs, Tatyana Gavrilyuk, president of the Provence-Russia Association, Irina Menez, coordinating tutor of international relations at Provence-Russia Association, Professor I.V. Kicheva, Assistant Professor E.G. Ayrapetova for a positive collaboration to support a humanitarian mission of the Russian language in the world!


Aleksandr Pavlovich

Viktor Evgenyevich

Inna Vasilyevna

Elvira Gavroshevna