IIR Lector Takes Courses in New York

Преподаватель ИМО прошла курс обучения в Нью-Йорке

Lector of the Institute of International Relations, Associate Professor Irina Nikolaevna Karapetova took courses at the University of New York (Global Populism: Nation, Society, Culture - summer school for lectors), where she attended lectures of leading scholars of the New York University from August 5 to 9, and took an active part in the discussion of the following topics: Youth and Terrorism Involvement, Populism and Fascism, Putin’s Russia in the Global Context.

Eric Davis, Federico Finchelstein, Jill Schwedler, Lee Cassanelli, Ervand Abrahamian, Frederic Dickinson, and others shared their opinion at K-12 - summer school. This internship experience allowed Irina Karapetova not only to improve her English, receive material for work with international relations students but also to form international links with colleagues from US colleges and schools. The US lectors are looking forward to the organization of online meetings with Pyatigorsk State University students in the coming academic year.


Irina Nikolayevna