PSU Celebrates an Anniversary Knowledge Day

On September 2, Pyatigorsk State University celebrated Knowledge Day. This day is truly significant not only for the freshers but for the whole university because this year PSU celebrates its 80th anniversary. 

80th-anniversary lineup traditionally began at the square before the university which gathered different years students from all the Institutes and Higher Schools, master’s, postgraduate students, lectors, and officers of the university.

Rector of the university, Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, vice-president of the Russian Union of Rectors, chairman of the NCFD Institutions Rectors Council, representative to the Stavropol Krai Duma congratulated everyone on behalf of the university staff on the new academic year and addressed to the freshers:

- This year is special for us, because 80 years ago, on September 1939, this great university was formed. Having passed the way from Pyatigorsk Pedagogic and Teachers’ Institute, Pyatigorsk Institute of Foreign Languages to Pyatigorsk State University, “University which opens and transforms the world”, we have become a multidisciplinary institution with all educational levels and a lot of majors. This year we are glad to greet a new generation of students. More than 1300 freshers at all educational levels have enrolled in our university. We are sure that this new generation will help our university in becoming more successful and interesting. Long live Pyatigorsk State Outstanding University!

In 2019 the university saw a 13% enrolment increase at all levels and educational forms, compared with 2018, and more than 30% comparing with 2017. These are the highest rates for the last 7 years. Bachelor’s and master’s students from all over the country, including students from North Caucasus and South Federal Districts, enrolled traditionally, as well as students from other countries. At present higher education and secondary vocational education students, masters, postgraduates, and interns from 56 Russian regions and 38 foreign countries study at Pyatigorsk State University.

- You have enrolled in the best university in Russia and the world. Guys, who are standing right beside you, will soon become your best friends and colleagues. Let us carry the banner of our university through the years with honor. Welcome to our family! – said Zarema Toboeva, chairwoman of the Students and Postgraduates Council, and Fatimat Shavaeva, deputy of a Primary Trade-Union Organizations of PSU Students and Postgraduates.

The right to raise the banner of the university to celebrate the beginning of a new 80th academic year was given to the students and masters, who achieved excellent results in science and social life, and those who were included in the Golden Fund of PSU. They were Yuriy Aleshin, IV year student at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, Tatiana Osipova, IV year student of Juridical Institute, and Kristina Grigoryan, master’s student of the Higher School of Management.

A new academic year has begun, and that means it is time for new achievements and heights to be reached by the students and lectors of PSU, glorifying the best university of the country and the world.
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