International Week of Academic Mobility in Austria

The Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication of IRGLIHT continues active cooperation with the Austrian partner Institute of Applied Sciences in Sankt Pölten, backed by the Department of International Ties and Educational Programs of Pyatigorsk State University, headed by Professor V.E. Mishin.

This academic cooperation has been active since 2009 and it showed significant results. 25 students from our university studied the program of exchange education in Austria.

The program of academic cooperation with the Austrian partner – Institute of Applied Sciences in Sankt Pölten, has been further developed in 2019. Our university entered a program of European Union called ERASMUS+, which is aimed at the support of cooperation in the field of higher education, professional study, youth and sports. PSU lecturers, master’s students of 42.04.01 Advertisement and Public Relations (Commercials) had an opportunity to receive European scholarships during their double diploma program study, and presentation of scientific and methodological reports in a partner institute.

From November 25 to 30, 2019, the Institute of Applied Sciences in Sankt Pölten organized “International Week” annual international student scientific and practical conference, which gathered delegations from Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, as well as a delegation of lecturers and masters from Pyatigorsk State University.

The delegation included N.V. Papka, director of the Center of German Language and Culture, Associate Professor at the Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication, Professor T.A. Shiryaeva, head of the Chair of English Language and Professional Communication, as well as masters and students A. Tilova (HSM, IV year), A. Minkoeva, V. Gavrilova (IIR, II year), Z. Liubimtseva (IIR, I year), M. Chumachenko (IRGLIHT, I year of master’s program).

Professor T.A. Shiryaeva read a cycle of lectures on the theory of globalization and problems of preservation of national (local) cultures, which evoked a great interest of European participants of the International Week of Academic Mobility. The week was also fruitful for Pyatigorsk masters and students, who could become a part of international student teams, who worked out and presented unique creative collective projects to the international professional jury.

The exhibition of international academic interrelation opportunity functioned within the frameworks of the international week of academic mobility, which gathered all partner universities of the Institute of Applied Sciences in Sankt Pölten. More than 25 European educational facilities, including Pyatigorsk State University, were represented at the exhibition. All the universities are intended to develop partner relations, strengthen old ties, and carry out new projects. Each of them is ready to receive lecturers and students from other countries on programs of academic mobility, accepting the fact that science and higher education are international.

Austrian bachelor students were interested in the educational programs of Pyatigorsk State University and opportunities of semester education in our university at the informational stand of PSU, managed by Associate Professor N.V. Papka. 

Vlada Filimontseva and Anna Maltseva, IRGLIHT IV year students of Linguistics, Theory, and Practice of Intercultural Communication, who study semester exchange education program in Austria, actively participated in this educational exhibition.

The Chair of German Studies and International Communication, headed by Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun, and Associate Professor N.V. Papka, coordinator for International Relations on German Language,  continues its fruitful work on the development of international academic mobility of students and lecturers with foreign partner universities. This activity is implemented due to the active support of Professor E.N. Pronchenko, Director of Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies.
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