Paradigms of Future Contemporary Social and Economic Systems under Discussion at PSU

On February 5-6, 2020, Pyatigorsk State University held a traditional III International Scientific and Practical Conference, devoted to the timely aspects of social and economic system evolution. The scientific event is organized within the frameworks of the agreement between Pyatigorsk State University and the Institute of Scientific Communications on network cooperation in science. 

The event gathered Elena Gennadievna Popkova, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Leading Scientific Officer of the Center of Applied Studies at the Chair of Economic Policy and Government-Private Partnership at MSIIR, President of the Institute of Scientific Communications; Marina Leonidovna Alpidovskaya, Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor at the Economy Theory Department at Financial University, Konstantin Viktorovich Vodenko, Doctor of Philosophic Sciences, Professor at the Chair of Staff Management at M.I. Platov South Russian State Politechnical University, Maria Ivanovna Plugina, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Chair of Pedagogics, Psychology, and Social Disciplines at Stavropol State Medical University, and others.

The conference participants discussed different aspects and factors which influence the development of social and economic relations. Report of I.A. Kolinichenko, Associate Professor at the Chair of the Personal Psychology and Professional Activity on “Studies of the Attitude to the Pregnancy and Identity of the Woman in Contemporary Social and Economic Conditions” as well as report of I.V. Boyazitova, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Head of the Chair of General and Pedagogic Psychology on “Studies of the Personal Potential as a Resource for the Life Quality in the Elderly Age” caused an intense discussion.

A Situation Center of social and economic development of the Russian Federation regions at Plekhanov Russian Economic University was presented as an interactive site.

The conference was organized by V.N. Ostrovskaya, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Center of Marketing Initiatives, G.V. Stankevich, Doctor of Political Sciences, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Head of YurProsvet Scientific Center, P.N. Durneva, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor, Senior Scientific Officer of YurProsvet.

The results of the International Scientific and Practical Conference will be published in the book titled “Socio-Economic Systems: Paradigms for the Future” in one of the volumes of “Studies in Systems, Decision, and Control” of the Springer Nature Switzerland AG publishing house. The book is indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus. 
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