Music Break Devoted to the Outstanding Composer I.O. Dunaevskiy

Музыкальная перемена в честь замечательного композитора И.О. Дунаевского
On February 6, a mini-concert, devoted to the 120th anniversary of I.O. Dunaevskiy took place in the main hall of Pyatigorsk State University. Active participants of the Spiritual Legacy student club, headed by L.S. Daletskaya, showed the result of their rehearsals to the public. They were met with big applause.

The band started with a lively medley, setting the tone for the concert. The setlist included deep lyrical compositions (Molchanie (Silence)) and a song with a Russian spirit (Dorozhnaya (Road Song)) and others. But no-one was left indifferent to Kapitan, a funny song from “The Children of Captain Grant” movie. The spectators asked to play it once more. A short playful dance of Yashka-Buksir and coquette Larisa while playing a song from Belaya Akatsiya operetta drew big applause as well.

“Kakim ty byl, takim ty i ostalsya” was the last song of the concert. This song became a folk song long ago, and all students and senior people sang along the song.

For those who love good music, Isaak Osipovich Dunaevskiy is not just one of the composers of Soviet times, he is one of the creators of the great country in 1930-50s in culture. His marches, hymns, waltzes, lyric songs, and operettas united people, encouraged and inspired them for new achievements. We are glad that Dunaevsiy’s music, full of light and joy, keeps sounding in our hearts.

Elvira Dmitriyevna

Arevik Ashotovna