Exchange with Barcelona

At the beginning of 2020 four students of the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational, and Humanitarian Technologies (headed by E.N. Pronchenko) went to the capital of Catalonia within the framework of the cooperation agreement between Pyatigorsk State University and Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Within the next four months in Spain, the girls will study at the Translation Department. They get a great opportunity to improve their Spanish language, learn the culture of Spain directly and to communicate with Spanish native speakers. Besides, our students will learn English and study translation from the best lecturers of one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. It is also worth mentioning that Barcelona is one of the biggest cultural and tourist centers in Europe. Academic and cultural programs will be rich and will include museums, tours, exhibitions, sports events.

Our students have already begun their studies and share their emotions in social networks with their friends, lecturers, and institute administration. The main thing is that they are happy. The university is great, the city is amazing, and impressions are only positive.

It is worth mentioning that the Department of International Ties and Educational Programs (headed by V.E. Mishin) now is working on establishing the contacts with University of Murcia (Spain) and probably the geography of our academic contacts will broaden.

Elena Nikolaevna

Viktor Evgenyevich