Презентация русско-понтийского словаря состоялась в Центре греческого языка и культуры
Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism is a subdivision of Pyatigorsk State University with a big spectrum of languages represented. For many years the Center of Greek Language and Culture has been functioning there, headed by Dmitry Ivanovich Zimov, Associate Professor at the Chair of Western European Languages and Cultures.

On the holiday of February 23, 2020, Dmitry Zimov presented Russian-Pontic Dictionary on which he was working for several years. The presentation took place within the events of “Pontos” Krasnodar City Organization of the Greeks (headed by Konstantin Prokopievich Kesov), the results were appreciated by the experts. Numerous questions from the audience to the dictionary maker show the timeliness of the work and intense interest to the problem of regeneration and preservation of the Pontic dialect of the Greek language.

Dmitriy Ivanovich