10 Days of Distant Work: First Results

It has been 10 days since the start of on-line education. What the subdivisions and services of the university managed to do in such a short term?

First and foremost, a transition of the whole educational activity to the on-line mode was done quite smoothly. The electronic informational and educational system of the university has been active for 12 years, therefore lecturers and students have a rich practical experience of work at this platform. Electronic courses for students contain not only the monitoring of learning achievements (according to the state requirements) but also a big volume of academic and scientific literature, links to an electronic library of the university. The electronic system provides messengers and files exchange.

The university has launched the webinar system, which allows giving classes to students according to the schedule. The classes can be recorded to be available for students, who couldn’t take part in the on-line meeting due to any reasons.

The university has also organized a helpline on technical support for lecturers and students https://pgu.ru/online/. The students may contact technical support through a web-chat with officers of the Department of Informatization.

In order to organize the lecturer’s mass on-line transmissions, the officers of the Department of Informatization create additional workplaces, equipped with all necessary gear. If it is impossible to give an on-line class from the university, a lecturer can give it from his home. The Center of Data Processing has put new equipment into operation and has improved communication to provide work of the entire informational infrastructure. 

To consolidate the efforts of the university workers, organization of a transparent system of work processes, fulfillment of work duties as well as to monitor the work, the university’s rector ordered to organize a Corporative Portal – a closed part of the university’s internet portal. It allows the organization of electronic correspondence, files exchange, and official communication of different departments’ workers. Thanks to this resource all orders, instructions, and important messages are sent in real-time. 

In current epidemiologic conditions, all workers (including lecturers, heads of departments, and university administration) not depending on their physical attendance in the university do not lose their connection with the university, and there is always an opportunity to ask questions or to demand some information.

During the quarantine period, all classrooms of the university will be additionally given a sanitary treatment to prevent the infection from spreading. Dormitory reception and security continue their work as usual. 

Department of Accounting, Planning and Economic Work and Financial Control organized the work of specialists following a schedule to provide timely payment and other financial operations of the university. At the same time, a range of employees will work in the informational systems of the university from home, to fulfill their functions.

The major part of workers, specialists, and heads of the academic subdivisions were moved to remote work without losing their connection with the university.

Thus, despite the situation, the university continues to work as usual.