Russian Language during a Pandemic


Due to the world coronavirus pandemic, Pyatigorsk State University started distant education on March 16. The lecturers of the Chair of Linguistics, Russian Philology, Literature, and Journalism (headed by L.V. Vitkovskaya) actively started a new way of working, introduced a necessary correction to the work programs, the thematic content of the classes, and organized a distant educational process.

The I year students of the secondary vocational education at Higher School of Design and Architecture, supervised by T.D. Savchenko were involved into the real creative process:  the students were to make up their posters on “Stop Coronavirus!” which would show a non-verbal means of communication – a sign, address, warning, - concerning the current situation in the world.

The relay of coronavirus prevention was passed to I year secondary vocational education students at IRGLIHT. Future programmers and logistics experts, supervised by lecturer Y.O. Zubtsova, worked out presentations, which showed the ways of infection prevention.

The students continued a prevention month with the video addresses to their counterparts titled “Stay Home!” HSDA, JI, IRGLIHT students exercised a high degree of responsibility and recorded serious monologues addressing to their group and coursemates.

Not only secondary vocational education students took part in the practice-oriented tasks. Lecturer I.Y. Pogorelova held a creative seminar for the students of the Institute of International Relations in the electronic educational system of PSU. The students prepared text addresses to the Russian citizens in order to encourage them to honor the social distancing and not to put themselves and others at risk of contamination.

Future litterateurs and literary translators from the Department of Literary Creativity also participated in the event. Within the framework of the Literary Mastery discipline, supervised by Professor V.I. Shulzhenko, students presented their works in different genres, in which they expressed their attitude to the social distancing, coronavirus prevention measures, and future of the Russian educational system.

There is no doubt, that even the latest technologies are not able to replace live communication, and lecturers and students look forward to the earliest possible return to the Alma Mater and restoration of their creative activity in the name of PSU.

Leokadiya Vasilyevna

Tatyana Dmitriyevna

Yulia Olegovna

Irina Yurevna

Vyacheslav Ivanovich