Pyatigorsk State University is Number One in the District in Digital Activity

Pyatigorsk State University is in the first place in the District in digital activity, according to Urait.Statistika.

Urait.Statistika research group analyzes a digital transformation of Russian education. They consider guidance provision for future students, their parents, lecturers, current students, universities’ administrations, and employers, as their social responsibility, as well as showing where in Russia it is possible to find good quality digital higher education and secondary vocational education. 

The research group studies different types of educational activity at the Urait educational platform:
  • reading, summarizing, and discussion of educational texts;
  • watching the educational videos and completion of video tasks;
  • audio tracks listening;
  • adaptive forming testing;
  • educational cooperation between students and lecturers.
Every index is recorded objectively using the method of digital footprints. A scope of de-identified data of users’ digital behavior (BigData) allows tracing the patterns, unavailable to other forms of statistic observation.

On March 27, 2020, at the meeting of a workgroup, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation V.N. Falkov requested the gathering of information about efficiency digital resources utilization of different library systems. While analyzing and covering education policy and while preparing accounting and informational materials Pyatigorsk State University uses the data of the research group.

According to the analytical statements and data out of Urait.Statistika research group, at the beginning of 2020 Pyatigorsk State University occupied first place in the universities' digital activity ranking in Stavropol Krai as well as in the North Caucasus Federal District, and among 848 universities of Russia and CIS, PSU occupies 37th place, using 3343 distant educational courses.

On account of the high activity of students and lecturers of our university and a range of other higher educational facilities of our region, all Stavropol Krai is in the first place in the District.

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