Congratulations on the Russian Language Day

Dear friends! Philologists and Russianists of the Pyatigorsk State University congratulate you on the Day of Pushkin and Russian Language Day!

June 6 is a very special day for every Russianist. 221 years ago a person, who became a constitutor of the language which we learn and teach, was birthed into the world. A person, who gave the world his pieces, which became a “symbol of faith” for the Russian culture. A person who had never been abroad of Russia but who could describe habits and customs of other peoples so convincingly in his texts. 

As we know, there are more than 190 monuments of Pushkin in the world. But it is important to remember that Pushkin’s image is not “bronze” and archaic but it is living and very modern. It isn’t hard to find symbolic references and allusions, one only needs to check Pushkin’s correspondence.

In 1830, being in quarantine in Bolshoe Boldino family estate due to the cholera epidemic, Pushkin complained in his letters to his bride and friends about his enforced isolation, threatened to break through the cordons in any possible way, resented the impossibility to receive a pass for free transit, blamed his future wife for sweet but “non-temperamental” letters. “Boldino is like an island surrounded by rocks. There are no neighbors, no books. The weather is terrible. I spend my time, wasting paper and getting angry”, - wrote Pushkin to Natalia Goncharova on October 11. Eugene Onegin, Story of Belkin, Little Tragedies, 32 poems, and “heaps of polemic articles”. These are the result of the enforced Pushkin’s reclusion, which is famous under the name of Boldin Autumn in the history of world literature.

Dear friends, the world is changing right before our eyes, we have to adapt to new changes and to look into ourselves searching for our hidden talents and resources. We wish that in these difficult times Alexander Pushkin, his moral and creative example will be the peak which we will keep trying to summit. Happy Russian Language Day!

Best regards,
The Chair of Linguistics, Russian Philology, Literature, and Journalism.