Семестр за рубежом в Автономном университете Барселоны
Pyatigorsk State University has been collaborating with Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) since 1996.  The program includes students’ exchange for one academic semester.

This year four students of the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies (IRGLIHT), who study at the Department of Spanish Studies and Intercultural Communication used an opportunity of the UAB education program on Spanish for Interpreters, English for Interpreters, and Introduction in Translatolgy. Students also could take a free introductory course of Catalan, linguistic tandems, where foreign language communication skills were trained.

Linguistic tandems shifted also shifted to online Zoom sessions.

Our students enjoyed the quality of all kinds of classes (live and online). “It was hard to get used strict grading but that motivated a lot. The teaching methods also differed. It was very interesting to have classes, we were constantly broadening our horizons”, said Naira Dilanyan, IRGLIHT student who took part in the exchange program.

The Semester Abroad has made a great contribution to the professional, cultural, and personal lives of students. This is an unforgettable experience!