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Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism Develops International Cooperation on the ERASMUS + KA 107 Program

The majority of Russian and foreign universities consider the ERASMUS+ program as one of the priority directions of international cooperation in the academic sphere and science. Thanks to the agreement of ERASMUS+ Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism have been organizing student and teaching staff exchange with a partner Cadiz University for 6 years now.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, Alina Gorbacheva, I year student of Intercultural Communication and Foreign Competencies in Innovative Management of Business at IFLIT received a scholarship for master’s studies at Cadiz University, Spain, on Intercultural Communication, one of the most popular and desired programs of Cadiz University.

We asked Aline to share her experience after a successful study at Spanish partner university:

“In the second semester, I had a unique opportunity to study at Cadiz University on the Erasmus program and to get an unforgettable experience of living in a studied language country. Cadiz University's educational program was quite rich and entertaining with intensive practice classes, which develop skills of business relations building, working in a foreign language environment, as well as translation and international communication skills.

I want to note the professionalism of lecturers, their creative approach towards the educational process. For example, it was very interesting to record my own advertisement of a tourist destination and to make a travel brochure.

It is Cadiz where it is possible to dive into the life of a real Spanish person, get to know local Gaditan dialect (gaditano), having a hard time understanding every word they say, but by the time receiving compliments like “you speak like a real chica gaditana!”

I didn’t have problems with education during my stay in Spain nor a cultural shock (owing a lot to the work and responsiveness of lecturers and students). Although what was the most unusual for me is the absence of a central heating and famous Spanish tradition of siesta, when in the middle of a working day the whole city goes to sleep. That’s what impressed me the most! Anyway, Spain is a gorgeous country and nothing could cloud my stay there.

Unfortunately this year the whole world has faced with a horrible Covid-19 virus, and entire Spain was put on quarantine for about 3 months. I only attended a couple of classes at the university and the rest of the classes were online. But I managed to survive this hard period with the help of my “Spanish mommy” and her friendly family including dog Frankie. Apart from that, the Spanish government created all the conditions for quarantine to be streamlined and well-organized. 

In the end, I want to say that this trip is a unique experience, which gives a great opportunity to see Spain and immerse yourself in the foreign culture. Big thanks to our Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, its director Irina Akopyants, Natalia Khomovich, coordinator on internationalization and international cooperations, as well as to Cadiz University and Erasmus program for this opportunity! We have a lot to aspire for and to dream about!”

Arega Mikhaylovna

Natalya Vladimirovna