Pyatigorsk State University Held the Rector Elections

On September 3, 2020, Pyatigorsk State University held the Conference of Employees and Students of PSU for the Rector elections, following a schedule of rector elections, approved by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

As a result of secret voting, current Rector Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorbunov, who has been running the university since 2005, gained 89% of the votes.

Three candidates were nominated for election by different departments: current Rector Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorbunov, Yuriy Yurievich Grankin, Prorector for academic policy, education and informatization quality control, and Armen Vladimirovich Vartanov, Prorector for the management of the innovational environment development, results commercialization, intellectual activity, and regional cooperation. All candidates were successfully attested at the Attestation Board of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 

157 people participated in the Rector elections: members of the PSU Scientific Board, as well as tutors and employees, who represented their departments and chairs, representatives of student self-administration. 

The candidates presented their offers on the implementation of programs of the further development of university, which were published on the official web-page of the university, and answered the questions of their colleagues and students. Ten people took part in the debates.

According to the PSU Regulations, the rector is elected for 5 years and is approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
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Aleksandr Pavlovich

Yuriy Yuryevich

Armen Vladimirovich