Ecological Tour to Elbrus

An ecological tour to the  Elbrus region, balneo-climatic location in Kabardino-Balkaria, Central Caucasus region (North Caucasus) took plec on September 12, within the framework of the project called Ecology of Soul through Music and Nature. The project is implemented with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and is headed by Dzhulietta Sherieva.

The students of Pyatigorsk State University, participants of the Spiritual Legacy club (headed by L.S. Daletskaya, A.A. Gevorgyan), and Pyatigorsk community representatives, who are concerned with the problems of ecology, took a tour to the Elbrus region to touch the fascinating nature and remove rubbish from the tourist objects territory.

A road to the Elbrus region leads through the gorge of the Baksan river, which is full of rare natural beauty. The mountain settlements are surprisingly clean, getting in contrast with tourist objects. Tourists throw a different kind of garbage in the fields, paths, and edge of the woods without any shame: plastic ware, bags, bottles, and even old clothes. 

The project participants removed rubbish near Cheget mountain and gathered 8 big trash bags. After that, they got a well-earned rest at the Narzal Field. The local beauty reminds everyone once again: “Nature is a great gift, taking care of it must be joy and duty of every person.”
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Arevik Ashotovna