PSU Celebrates its 81st Anniversary

It’s been a fast year since the celebration of the university’s 80th anniversary, which united representatives of the Ministries and departments of the country, famous politicians, heads of enterprises, rectors, foreign guests, as well as graduates of different years. The university received hundreds of gratulations.

PSU celebrated this anniversary in an unusual setting, following all the measures of individual safety and social distancing. Starting from the morning of October 9, Graduates’ Square saw sports competitions of tug-of-war, arm wrestling, kettlebell lifting, revealing the most powerful and athletic students. The celebration was caught up by the active students of the university. They said gratulations and sang songs from the scene before the university entrance.

The day culminated in the concert, prepared by Students Club - Center of Culture and Creative Development, which gathered the university’s administration, teaching staff, employees, and students. Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, Rector of the university, greeted all the spectators from the state of a Big Concert Hall and gave an overview of the history of the university formation and stages of its development.

I would like to pay special tribute to all the heads, teaching staff, employers, and students of all the eras of the university development, because the university was getting better, developing, and strengthening its status thanks to them, - said Aleksandr Gorbunov.

As a result of the assessment of the basic departments of the university and its workers, diplomas and gratitudes were handed out to the Institutes and Higher Schools, chairs, employees, and students. The best educational programs in different nominations were mentioned.

The administration of Pyatigorsk decided to award some employees of the university. The awards went to Ella Viktorovna Kotrakova, head of the Primary Trade-Union Organization of PSU Workers, Liya Konstantinovna Klenevskaya, head of the Museum of PSU History, Professor Zaur Aslanovich Zavrumov, Prorector for Scientific Work and University Intellectual Potential Development, Professor Viktor Evgenievich Mishin, head of the Department of International Relations and Educational Programs.

Elvira Dmitrievna Kondrakova, Rector’s Advisor for Educational and Extra-curricular Work, glowingly addressed to the spectators: “I’m very glad that we have so many students in PSU who have an active lifestyle and who glorify our university. Thank you, dear colleagues, for your support for our students. Together we stand! We are Pyatigorsk State University!”

In 2020 the university had to face difficulties. This spring all educational process was shifted to the online work, but it is worth noting, that PSU coped with new tasks due to the insistence of lecturers and employees, as well as due to the great work of informational experts. Apart from online classes organization, the university managed to negotiate a preliminary and final state attestation, hand out the diplomas, and organize initial testing within the frameworks of the 2020 enrollment campaign.

All Institutes and Higher Schools of PSU congratulated the PSU on its day. Students had prepared great creative performances and told how deep was their love for the university. 

The university doesn’t stop developing at a fast pace. There are a lot of plans directed at more qualitative training of students, who, in their turn, make a big contribution to the Pyatigorsk State Remarkable University! 
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Aleksandr Pavlovich

Zaur Aslanovich

Elvira Dmitriyevna

Viktor Evgenyevich

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