Scientific Dialogue of PSU Russianists with Indian Colleagues

Русисты ПГУ в научном диалоге с коллегами из Индии
Having been a collective member of the International Association of the Russian Language and Literature Teachers, the Chair of Linguistics, Russian Philology, Literature, and Journalism aims at different forms of cooperation with it. On October 16 and 17, a creative trio of the chair’s members – Professor Vyacheslav Shulzhenko, Associate Professor Tatyana Savchenko, and Associate Professor Irina Pogorelova – presented their reports online at the Russian Studies in the World Space: Tradition and Perspectives - International Scientific and Practice Conference, organized by the Indian Association of the Russian Language Teachers and devoted to the 75th anniversary of Great Patriotic War Victory. 

The fundamental report of Vyacheslav Shulzhenko included Russian-Indian literature relations in a paradigm of cultural transfer theory, Tatyana Savchenko paid grave attention to mythopoetics of “Indian text” in Russian literature of 15th-21st centuries, and Irina Pogorelova focused on the problems of stableness of genre entropy in a context of contemporary literary concepts. The collected papers to be published are already one of great interest for the specialists. 

Vyacheslav Ivanovich

Tatyana Dmitriyevna

Irina Yurevna