Opening the World through Art – International Workshop in German at IRGLIHT

«Открывая мир через искусство» - международный мастер-класс на немецком языке в ИРГЯИГТ ПГУ
Germany and Russia are linked with centuries of history. Two countries have established close relations in the fields of culture, education, science, politics, society, and economy. In order to broaden the dialogue between representatives of two cultures, strengthen current relations, and for the perspective cooperation of two countries the Year of Germany in Russia 2020/21 takes place.

The Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication of Pyatigorsk State University is an active participant of this event, under the guidance of Goethe Institute.

A traditional annual festival of the Chair “Days of Germany in Pyatigorsk – 2020” with the slogan “Mit der Kunst in die Welt” is devoted to the Year of Germany in Russia 2020/21.

On November 18, a workshop of a lecturer, translator, ex-lecturer of German Service of Academic Exchange in Pyatigorsk State University Marlies Wenzel (Magdeburg, Germany) took place within the frameworks of the festival.

The workshop aimed at the introduction of contemporary German literature and enrichment of a cultural and linguistic part of foreign languages learning.

One of the workshop’s targets was to stimulate an interest to read contemporary German authors; activation of passive vocabulary through discussion, and written speech through the essay on “Wie ich mit der Kunst die Welt entdeckte”.

Marlies Wenzel presented a book “Wie ich Klavierspielen lernte” written by one of the most popular authors of contemporary German literature Hanns-Josef Ortheil. His amazing story tells about the role of music in his life and the worlds which we discover through music. It was music that helped the writer to overcome a serious life crisis and find his way in creativity.

This open international class was initiated and held by A.E. Mirzakhanova, Associate Professor at the Chair of German Studies and International Communication.

3 and 4 year students of IRGLIHT, and 3 year students of Institute of International Relations took part in the creative work, as well as German language lecturers.

The Chair of German Studies and International Communications expresses sincere gratitude to Marlies Wenzel for the creative atmosphere of cooperation, search, discoveries, and surprises, as well as for the materials.

Aynabat Efletdinovna