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IFLIT Lecturers Took Part in the International Forum on Education, Employment, and Training in Tourism. 2021 Portugal.EU

Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism continues participating in the processes of international cooperation and foreign events in the conditions of the pandemic, using digital technologies and online communication with partners.

On January 21, Professor I.M. Akopyants, Director of IFLIT, I.N. Mikhaylovskaya, Coordinator for the work on internationalization and international cooperation, and D.B. Nagaeva, a lecturer at the Chair of Theoretic Linguistics and Practice of International Communication, Coordinator for Eurhodip Association Cooperation took part in the international forum “Education, Employment, and Training in Tourism. 2021 Portugal.EU online (the event was held in English).

IFLIT lecturers marked a high level of the online meeting organization, timeliness, and significance of the reports with statistic data on pre-crisis and crisis period in the field of international tourism, service, and hospitality, ideas of an actual way out of the pandemic situation, and preservation of clients’ interest to the tourism, presented by tourism managers, directors of tourism businesses,

Difficult epidemiological situation in the world has negatively impacted the whole sector and related fields. According to the data of the World Tourism Organization, tourist flow saw an incredible decrease in the short term. The forum participants touched upon timely and important tourism, hospitality, and tourism education issues, influenced by COVID-19.

Being a field-oriented subdivision, which trains students, majoring in Tourism and Hospitality, the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism is interested in taking part in online meetings, roundtables, workshops like that to increase a professional level during an academic lockdown. Presented experience of foreign colleagues in the work of the tourism industry at all stages, from human resources training in education, teaching, retraining experts to the work in hotels, tourism businesses, and agencies, was of great use. Reporters and participants of the forum agreed upon the point that it was important not only to gather all the strength, will, and experience, but also to be initiative, react fast, and adapt to the new reality.

In the opinion of Ramon O'Callaghan, Dean of Business School in Porto, the success of tourism and hospitality-oriented educational facilities depends on the ability to meet high professional requirements on national as well as on international levels. Therefore, the forum discussed issues of innovative educational methods introduction, which were to correlate with new force majeure circumstances. Today the tourism industry faced with contemporary requirements, including crisis situation management, risks offsetting, interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, digital technologies mastery.

The participation of PSU representatives in the forum was made possible by Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, and Department of International Relations and Educational Programs, headed by Professor V.E. Mishin.
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