Пятигорск – Визеу: русский язык в дистанционном формате
Pyatigorsk State University successfully promotes the Russian language and education in Russian in the international educational space. The project of Russian language teaching in Viseu, Portugal is a great example of that. Previously, PSU lecturers went to Portugal to give classes on sit but at present the all courses of Russian as a foreign language are implemented at a Remote at Piaget Institute, Viseu.

The course listeners have a lot of success in Russian learning. D.I. Merinova, master’s studies graduate of PSU on 44.04.01 Pedagogic Education (Linguopedagogic Models of Russian Teaching as Foreign Language) gives classes for A1 level students and N.A. Orlova, Associate Professor at the Chair of Literature and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education, Deputy Director of the Center of International Education gives classes for A2 level students.

Students who finished the A1 level course have already received certificates.

It’s worth noting, that higher schools have a long-term fruitful cooperation. The project of Russian language distance learning was initiated by Teresa Panteleychuk, Director of the Pushkin Institute in Portugal, and Department of International Relations and Educational Programs of PSU. The Center of Russian Language and Culture was opened by Rector of PSU Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Professor V.E. Mishin, Head of the Department of International Relations and Educational Programs, and Associate Professor I.B. Fedotova, Head of Pushkin Institute at PSU. This Portugal center became an educational site for the project implementation.

Promotion of the Russian language is one of the most important and successfully implemented missions of PSU.

We wish all the students further success in the educational program learning!

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