PSU Lecturers Take Part in the Congress of Applied Languages Associations (ANLEA/AILEA)

Преподаватели ПГУ приняли участие в работе Конгресса ассоциаций прикладных языков (ANLEA/AILEA)
The International Congress of National and International Applied Languages Associations (ANLEA/AILEA) took place on May 28, 2021. The lectures of the Chair of French Philology and International Communication at the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational, and Humanitarian Technologies took part in the event. The congress was organized online because of the pandemic.

The Association of Applied Foreign Languages includes 50 universities of France as well as 21 foreign universities (the Congress gathered representatives from the universities of Romania, Marocco, Egypt, Russia, Moldova, and Venezuela).

The LEA’s aim is to provide profession-guided university multisubject education, which would allow graduates to easily integrate into the professional activity at enterprises.

Training of specialists in the field of applied foreign languages includes two basic focus areas: Specialized translation, and Specialization (Entrepreneurial Activity and Commerce, International Trade, Law, Management).

Six lecturers from the Chair of French Philology and Intercultural Communication (G.A. Ayrapetov, A.A. Kornienko, I.Y. Kotlyarevskaya, N.N. Levina, T.F. Petrenko, and M.A. Ryaschenko) participated in the Congress. G.E. Ayrapetov, Head of the Chair of French Philology presented two reports. 

The first G.E. Ayrapetov’s report was devoted to the presentation of Pyatigorsk State University as a place for the organization of one of the future meetings of Congress. The Head of the Chair touched upon a range of issues on the organization and structure of Pyatigorsk State University, its possibilities to receive foreign delegations as well as its technical facilities, which help PSU to carry out high-level conferences. Apart from that, G.A. Ayrapetov presented the North Caucasus region and its tourist and recreational potential.

The second report contained an analysis of technologies, applied by the Chair’s lectures while teaching students applied French language in the field of tourism, international communication, and recreational activity. He also presented methods of projects working out depending on targets and objectives put for the Chair’s students. The report included presentation slides with examples of projects, designed by the students.

The section meetings discussed theoretical approaches towards the analysis of applied foreign languages and translation problems.


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