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Scientific Conference Devoted to the 80th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Outbreak and Role of Georgia in the Victory over Nazis

On a memorious and mournful day of June 22, 2021, the Center of Georgian Language and Culture of Pyatigorsk State University held an important event, devoted to the 80th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War outbreak (1941-1945) and the role of Georgia and its people in the Victory over Nazis.

“We Remember, We are Proud”, those were the words of Lia Mkheidze, Coordinator of the Center, to start the scientific conference.

Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, Rector of Pyatigorsk State University, said his welcome speech. He pointed out the significance of the event, especially for the young generation, for students of the university, who are able to visit cultural and linguistic Centers of the university, preserving the culture, languages, and historical memory of many friendly nations.

Professor Irina Akopyants, Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, welcomed the participants with kind words, paying special attention to the importance of the priceless experience of a generation bond, when a young generation is able to know about the terrible sides of the war, experienced by their fathers, grandfathers, and grandgrandfathers first hand. We must commemorate those, who paid their lives, their youth, their springs for peaceful skies.

Father David Lobzhanidze, the representative of the Monastery of Saint George, said about the huge role of the soldiers’ fortitude during their struggle in the most dreadful and bloody world war. There were Georgian soldiers among them but they did not separate themselves from other friendly nations of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, who all together achieved the Victory, paying their lives to give peace for the children of Russia, Georgia, and many other nations.

The conference organizers have gathered representatives of Georgian diasporas of Pyatigorsk, and Kirov district of Stavropol Krai, David Tsetskhladze, President of Russian-Georgian Relations Restoration (who took part in the event online), Natalya Ilyicheva, Director of Historical and Regional Study Museum of Georgievsk, Teona Tikaradze, Head of one of the divisions of Sberbank in the CMW, as well as representatives of teaching staff and students of the university.

During the event, Sergey Linets, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor at the Chair of Historical, Social, and Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies, and Theology of the Higher School of Management, presented his report on “442 Days of Fire. Battle of the Caucasus”, based on the historical data of K. Tskitishvili’s book, which gives detailed chronicles of the Caucasus battles in 1942-1943.

Associate Professor Konstantin Kasparyan, Candidate of Historical Sciences, presented his report about the personal contribution of ethnic Georgians during the Great Patriotic War.

Students as well presented their reports with multimedia shows about their grandfathers and grandgrandfathers, about Georgian heroes, who made an invaluable contribution to the Great Victory over Nazis.

The conference was interactive and involved a lively interest to discuss many historical issues.

The meeting participants and representatives of Georgian diasporas have concluded that Georgia is one of the victors of the war, and Georgian people, who took part in the Great Patriotic War are the national heroes of Georgia and Russia. The participants have pointed out the necessity to carry out the events like these in the Center of Georgian Language and Culture on a regular basis.

The event ended with a Georgian polyphonic rendition of Den Pobedy song (The Victory Day).
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