PSU Rector Takes Part in Oxford Debate

On June 25, Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, Rector of Pyatigorsk State University took part in the Oxford Debate of experts, devoted to the future of global education in the 21st century.

Oxford Debate is held by the Academic Union of Oxford* in two forms: educational competition debate for the Oxford University students and traditional chamber debate of professional experts from all over the globe.

The Debate aimed at the accumulation and popularization of points of view concerning future education, innovational experience, and assistance to the educational facilities all around the world.

PSU Rector was the only representative of Russia in the Debate. He talked about his vision of future education problems and its innovative development in the example of Pyatigorsk State University. The Debate gathered experts from all over the world, who represented the academic community of different countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. All performances were in English, without interpreters, and included presentations. Every performance was followed by discussions on the issues raised.

Over the years, world-famous people took part in the Oxford Debate: Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Henry Kissinger, Marin Le Pen, Yasir Arafat, President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf, President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, and other global political figures, diplomats, and experts.

The Debate took place online and was available for target listeners in 54 countries via the stream in social networks and official accounts of the Union on YouTube and Facebook.

* Academic Union of Oxford, usually referred to simply as Oxford Union, is a discussion community in Oxford, England, members of which are mainly based at Oxford University. Found in 1823, it is one of the oldest British communities. Although it functions separately from the university, only Oxford University representatives are able to be its active members.

The Union is managed by the Standing Committee, formed during the election of 5 life members, including administration officers of the community.

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