The Start of the Double Diploma Academic Year with Limoges University, France

Начало учебного года по программе двух дипломов с Университетом Лиможа (Франция)
The Chair of French Philology and International Communication of the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies continues successful cooperation on double diploma bachelor program with Limoges University, France, in the new academic year. The program is supervised by Professor Alla Alekseevna Kornienko, Doctor of Philological Sciences.

Vitalina Golubyatnikova, IV year student of 45.03.02 Linguistics (Theory and Practice of International Communication – French and English), is now at Limoges University. She will continue studying at the Department of Literature and Social Sciences in the graduation year of her bachelor studies.

Vitalina will study the theory of intercultural communication, its applied aspect, foreign languages within that program. She will also take a two-month production training at one of the French enterprises.

Now, Vitalina Golubyatnikova is in quarantine at the dormitory because of the epidemiological requirements. After that, she will continue her education.

We wish her a successful year and receiving two state diplomas of Russia and France.

Alla Alekseyevna