Российские и зарубежные медиаэксперты выступили с лекциями для будущих специалистов медийной сферы
On September 28, 2021, the Institute of International Relations held an experimental lecture of Russian and Foreign media experts within the project of New Era of Truth (a joint project of the Center of Humanitarian and Educational Programs Implementation Assistance and Gorchakov Fund) for the students of media majors at the Chair of Journalism, Media Communications, and Public Relations. The meeting was possible due to the support of E.D. Kondrakova, Recor’s Advisor on the Educational and Extracurricular Work, and Department of Social Competencies, Civil Education, and Graduates’ Preparation for Employment and Future Career.

The invited experts were Vasiliy Pushkov, Director of the Department of International Cooperation of Rossiya Segodna, Elena Davydova, Director of the Department of State Projects of Rossiya Segodnya, Chen Qingqing, Director of Global Times inner news Editorial Board, China.

Russian speakers discussed the peculiarities of international communication with future journalists and PR experts, as well as Rossiya Segodnya media group structure issues, peculiarities of contemporary informational products, ways of information verification, shared their opinions about the future of Russian journalism, newsmaking process features during the pandemic.

The foreign colleague shared her experience of news treatment in Chine during the pandemic, told how fake information in media became a reason for repressions and threats of the Asia countries representatives. The lector pointed out important journalist skills in her opinion and described her professional path.

If back in the day journalism was a mirror, which must have been reflected everything that was happening in life, COVID made the journalism stop playing such role to become a lifesaver in the stream of information,” – said E.N. Davydova.

The keen interest and a lot of questions at the end of the meeting were the best evidence to show the necessity of the meetings like that for professional growth in the media field.

PSU administration, director, and student community of the Institute of International Relations express gratitude to the media experts for the fruitful meeting and relevant information.

Elvira Dmitriyevna