PSU Successfully Implements Exchange Programs

В ПГУ успешно реализуются программы обмена
The Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism continues creating conditions for students’ academic mobility. The institute is actively working on the implementation of projects, aimed at the broadening of international cooperation in academic field considering the difficult epidemiological situation. The world is getting used to new reality and international student exchanges are growing in intensity. 

In September 2021, Tatyana Yarmina, 4-year student at the Institute of Translatology, Russian Studies, and Multilingualism, won a grant for Erasmus+ education program at Cadiz University, Spain, within the partnership between IFLIT and Cadiz University. The program implies improvement of linguistic competency of students, as well as formation of professional competencies within the specialized academic courses, which may be chosen by a student. The residence in the target-language country within four months of education will significantly improve a language level, broaden the cultural knowledge, and give an opportunity to apply new knowledge on intercultural communication in practice.

Rector of PSU Professor A.P, Gorbunov, Professor V.E. Mishin, Head of the Department of International Relations and Educational Programs, Professor A.M. Akopyants, Director of IFLIT, N.V. Khomovich, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator for the International Partnership Development with Spain, do a great job on maintenance of close ties with Spanish partner universities. Erasmus+ program is one of the most significant international projects, and Pyatigorsk State University takes part in that program. Erasmus+ allows students and lecturers to study, take internship or to give classes in another country, which takes part in the project. Erasmus+ is aimed mainly at the education quality improvement, development of mobility and cultural relations of students and teaching staff.

I.N. Mikhaylovskaya (IFLIT) and M.A. Ibragimov (ITRSM), International Partnership Coordinators, wished Tatyana Yarmina success in her study!  


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