The 8th International Meeting of Intellectuals Takes Place in Pyatigorsk


On October 11, 2021, the International Institute of Scientific Partnership Development, Oriental Studies Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Council on International Affairs, A.M. Gorchakov Fund of Public Diplomacy Support, and Pyatigorsk State University carry out the 8th International Meeting of Intellectuals on “The 2020-s: World, Regions, Risks.” The traditional meeting takes place in Russia for the second time, and for the first time in Pyatigorsk State University. Previously the event took place in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Spain.

Experts from different cities of Russia, Austria, Turkey, Sweeden, USA have spoken at the event. The meeting is streamed online in Russian and English. 

The International Meeting was moderated by Professor Elena Ponomareva, Doctor of Political Sciences, President of the International Institute of Scientific Partnership Development, professor at MSIIR. She emphasized that PSU was chosen as a site for the meeting carrying out not by coincidence. The university “without an exaggeration can show an example of a university that uses a combination of educational and pedagogic policy, which is very important.”

Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Rector of PSU, Vice-President of Russian Union of Rectors, Chairman of the NCFD Universities Rectors Council said his greeting speech to the members of the meeting. He stressed out the importance and interest of the meeting’s subject, and said that international meetings like that correspond to the target area of Pyatigorsk State University as a “university that opens and transforms the world.”

The international meetings of intellectuals to discuss timely issues of a global agenda, including problems and prospects of Russian-Turkic relations, cooperation in the Big Eurasia space, processes of political transformation, have been taking place in full since 2014.

The participants of the 8th meeting discussed the following issues:

  • The 2020-s: Global Problems. CommoncCrisis of international law, multipolarity formation, USA hegemony loss, COVID-19 Influence on politics and economy;

  • The 2020-s: Regional problems. Regions: China, Middle East, Central Asia, and Afghanistan;

  • Risks and Vulnerabilities of Contemporary World. Demography, ecology, climate, economy, education.

At the first meetings, the organizers determined a certain format of discussion and its basic principles. By the time, the format was improved but the one remained the same: the meetings united people with a common interest in their countries development.

Efficient professional communication must be accompanied by personal interaction. The meetings have not only a “scientific format”; the members may also communicate within cultural events and corporate leisure, which are parts of the meetings.

The event’s video is available here (in Russian and English).

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