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Pyatigorsk State University the Best 2021 University in South Russia in the Quality of New Students

Пятигорский государственный университет в 2021 году стал лучшим на всём Юге России (в СКФО и ЮФО) по качеству пришедших абитуриентов
Last year was the second year for enrollment to follow a big list of peculiarities and changes due to the pandemic. 2021 Enrollment Campane combined online and offline work. Students could send the documents in an electronic form by means of the electronic information system of PSU; using Supersevice of University Enrollment Online at the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation (while enrolling for state-funded places for higher education programs (bachelor’s and specialist’s studies)); through the postal service, or by coming to the university and to apply following all the preventive social distancing measures. 

24,340 calls were made during the 2021 summer enrollment campaign taking into account that the university held a face-to-face application process. 8,313 applications were sent to the bachelor’s and specialist’s programs only (comparing with 8,120 in 2020, and 6,615 in 2019) without master’s studies and secondary vocational education. The total number of students who applied for state-funded places in higher education programs amounted to 284 people except for masters.

Higher School of Economics – National Research University has just presented the first results of the 11th monitoring of state-funded and paid places quality at all Russian universities in 2021.

According to the results of the ranking of Russian universities by the applicant quality, based on the USE average points of those who applied for state-funded places in summer 2021, Pyatigorsk State University occupies 43rd place (out of 374) among independent multi-profile universities of the Russian Federation with more than 250 state-funded places. I.e. it is among the first 12% of Russian universities and occupies first place in the North Caucasus and South Federal Districts.

Pyatigorsk State University maintains a reputation as a prestigious and attractive higher education facility, which is famous not only in South Russia but also in the country and abroad. The university’s quality is proven true by the high level of teaching and professional teaching staff as well as by the high quality of human capital of applicants.

By tradition, PSU enrolled students and masters from all over the country, many regions of the Russian Federation, including all regions of NCFD and SFD, as well as from foreign countries. At present, Pyatigorsk State University provides education for students of higher and secondary vocational education, masters, postgraduates, and interns from 73 regions of Russia and 36 foreign countries.

Although the 2022/2023 academic year enrollment will start this June, the university since September 2021 has been assisting future students by organizing psychological counseling, USE preparation courses, answering the telephone calls and e-mail letters, as well as by providing the days of open doors. In the period from October to December 2021 days of open doors of all Institutes and Higher Schools of the university took place online, as well as the big university day of open doors at the end of October. 

In February 2019, the Great Day of Open Doors is going to take place online and offline if the COVID situation allows it.

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