Participation of PSLU in Cultural Forum of the Regions of Russia 2015

Участие ПГЛУ  в Культурном форуме регионов России 2015
“Civil Solidarity in Implementation of State Cultural Policy: interaction of authorities, business, society” cultural forum of the regions of Russia took place in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on 25th September 2015. The forum was organized with the participation of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of the RF, and Federal Agency for the Nationalities. It took place in two sites, in Moscow and in Yakutsk.

Forum was focused on the consolidation of the forces of civil society and state for the implementation of the state cultural policy in federal subjects of the Russian Federation, strengthening of the Russian national identity, and an integral social and cultural environment of the country, formation of a nationwide civic identity, and intercultural dialogue development.

Professor I.V. Kicheva from the Chair of Philology and Technologies of Philological Education took part in the “Preservation and development of Russian language and support of the Russian literature in the regions of Russia” round table. She represented the report about the realia and the problems of Russian language functioning as a state language in the North Caucasus.

Inna Vasilyevna