The Day of the University

The series of celebration events devoted to the 76th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, an institution with rich history and good traditions, ended up with a fabulous concert.

It has been a fast year fr om the moment of 75th anniversary celebration of the university, where the representatives of Ministries and Agencies of the country, famous politicians, enterprises directors, institutions rectors, foreign guests, and the graduates of different years took their part. Hundreds of congratulations were sent to the university.

The next anniversary, not a jubilee though, was celebrated on a large scale. From the very beginning of 2nd October, there were sporting events in the “Graduates Square” before the main entrance. They were athletic races, tug of war, arm-wrestling, kettlebell lifting competitions, wh ere the strongest students were identified. The relay was continued by the university active members. People sang the songs and said words of celebrations from the stage made at the main entrance. The Council of Students and Postgraduates of PSLU organized a dancing flashmob. Museum of history of PSLU celebrated its own anniversary as well, together with the University Day. Institutes and Higher Schools held their own events.

The concert organized by the students of the Institutes and Higher Schools was the peak of the celebration. Each of them was given the possibility to congratulate the university from the stage. Students managed to show the peculiarities of every department of the university in their performances, and to create a warm and friendly atmosphere as well.

Professor A.P. Gorbunov, the Rector of the PSLU noted in his speech that 2015 is famous by the fact that 20 years ago the institution adquired a status of the university and was renamed from the Pyatigorsk State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages to Linguistic University. The rector also told to the people about the last significant results of PSLU activity, noted in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Particularly, about the work of the institution on the “Education in Russian” program in Russia and abroad, program for the development of international and inter-confessional collaboration, development of Islamic education. According to A.P. Gorbunov, a high level of the university activity is proved by the activity of PROFI-SOCI-LINGVA Center of PSLU, which after the successful work on the Sochi 2014 XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games goes on participating in large scale projects. For example, these days more than a hundred of volunteers went to Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, one of the greatest world events. “All this proves the high status of the university, and the possibilities of its influence on the whole system,” said Gorbunov.

No less important fact is that owing to the quality of first year students, PGLU was listed into the top 50 best institutions of the country, among the multidisciplinary independent institutions (except for medical), and occupied the first place in the South of Russia.

The university is proud by the fact that on March 2015 V.V. Putin, the President of the Russian Federation issued a letter of acknowledgement “For a big contribution into the development of education and qualified specialists training”.

The university goes on developing. There are many plans waiting to be accomplished. They are directed on the more qualitative graduates training, who in their turn, make a remarkable contribution into the status promotion of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.
On the day of the anniversary, some of them had a chance to congratulate the university. Graduates of different years: Lolita Saakyan, Dzhamal Bugdaev, Vera Rybakova (Fisher), and Anna Belokon sang their own song called “Our PSLU” wishing the further prosperity and the unity of students and graduates for the years to come.

“In all the regions of the world the graduates of our university carry kindness, tranquility, large-heartedness, peace, international friendship, solidarity. We were all educated in this manner. Our university, despite that it is not big, has a very intense influence on the world!” said Gorbunov.
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