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  • «Университетские чтения – 2016» прошли в ПГЛУ

«Университетские чтения – 2016» прошли в ПГЛУ

University Readings annual scientific and practice conference took place on 14-15 January 2016 in PSLU.

The conference started with extended plenary session which gathered more than 250 participants. “Annual University Readings are held in traditional form, where the plenary session is the principal event, where the most fundamental reports concerning the prospects of future development of university educational system are presented”, noted Professor Z.A. Zavrumov, Prorector for the development of intellectual potential of university, opening the conference. Professor Y.S. Davydov, the President of PSLU, RAS Academician made a report about the Russian entry into Bologna process, Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSLU, presented his report “Necessary Transition from Philosophy and Methodology of Postmodernism, Post Neoclassic Science to the Newest, Integrating Transforming Methodology as the Principal of Science and Practice Move to the Qualitatively New Level”, Professor A.P. Kolyadin, Prorector for social and economic policy and safety of the university, told the audience about the function of the educational field in formation of national human resources, G.A. Vorobyev, director of the Institute of Distant Education and Information and Communications Technologies Development made a report “Internet of Everything: Present and Future”. In the end of the plenary session, the conference attendees presented “Video Room of PSLU Innovations”, which demonstrated principal scientific achievements of the university in 2015.

More than 500 professors, master’s students, and postgraduates of the university took part in 30 sections at 5 symposiums. The reports covered a wide spectrum of theory and practice problems, connected with Russian education development prospects.
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