Университетские чтения-2017


University Readings-2017 annual scientific and practice conference took place in PSU on January 12-13. More than 300 master’s, postgraduate students, and tutors took part in the event.

The general plenary meeting of the Readings discussed timely issues concerning Russian education of present days and the future. The report subjects was diverse “Forming newest transformational (intellectual and innovative, creative and innovative) way of social life and future of Russia” (A.P. Gorbunov), “Dialogue of cultures as a myth and foreign language education in the context of dialogue of cultures” (N.V. Baryshnikov), “Self-identification of a tutor in a modern university: about the diversification of academic activity” (V.I. Shulzhenko), “New doctrine of informational safety of Russia: priorities, tasks, prospects” (G.A. Vorobiev), “Prospects of Russian – American relations during D. Trump administration” (M.A. Suchkov).

Participants of the conference demonstrated a video-presentation of the results of innovative activity of all structural subdivisions of the university “Salon of innovations and achievements of the university-2016”.

After that, symposiums started working, where they covered a wide spectrum of problems in linguistics and literature science, psychology, pedagogy, legal technologies implementation, social and economic, political and spiritual development of Russia in informatization, mathematical and natural sciences, modern law.

On the second day of the conference the participants gathered to continue the discussion within the frameworks of scientific session’s meetings.

“University Readings” traditionally summarize the scientific results of the previous year, making plans for further innovative development and are the beginning point of the new university achievements.

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