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  • PSU Held “Stair to Mastery” Competition of Open Classes
  • В ПГУ прошел конкурс-смотр открытых занятий «Ступень к мастерству»

В ПГУ прошел конкурс-смотр открытых занятий «Ступень к мастерству»

“Stair to Mastery” Competition of Open Classes took place on Februruary 15 and 16 in PSU. It is the first stage of the “Techer of the Year” All-Russian Competition in a “Step to Profession” nomination.

The competition’s aim is to develop the intellectual and innovative potential of the university by activation of creative activity of last year students of pedagogic direction.

The bachelor student of 3-4 years participated in this competition:
Ekaterina Kolpak,
Viktoriya Shevchenko,
Evgeniya Evglevskaya,
Larisa Kiseliova,
Eleonora Saakian.

The event had several stages, where participants led classes including improvisational discussion with students of a timely issue, open discussion, and presented their personal portfolio. Future teachers were gauged with a competent jury: L.K. Klenevskaya – head of the history museum of PSU, T.N. Yarmina – Assistant Professor of the Chair of International Communication and linguodidactics, pedagogic technologies of education. N.M. Kashirina – professional Consultant of the formation of social competencies of graduates, A.V. Grigorieva – chairman of the Center of pre-university education, professional and adaptation technologies, A.Y. Bagiyan – head of the Student scientific association and Young Scientists of PSU association.

Viktoriya Shevchenko, a student of the Institute of Roman and German languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies, who made a class in Spanish and discussed with students “Blessing of life” won the competition.

The second place was occupied by Ekaterina Kolpak, student of the Institute of linguistics, communication management and informational technologies.

The winner of the university stage will represent the university at the Krai competition of the “Teacher of the Year” in April.
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