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Визит журналистов Республики Польша в ПГУ


On September 11, a group of journalists fr om printed and electronic mass media of Polish Republic visited Pyatigorsk State University. Getting acquainted with the university – big education, research, and innovative center of the South of Russia was the purpose of the information visit of Polish journalists in the North Caucasus, organized by the A.M. Gorchakov Fund for Public Diplomacy Support.

During the trip, guests visited language and culture centers of PSU and talked with their supervisors and students. Special attention was drawn to the center of the Polish Language and Culture, which was formed 6 years ago. Polish journalists talked with the students of Language Art and Pedagogic Education Division of the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism in the Polish language. The students told about their interest and motivation to study the language, showing the efficiency of the education by the Polish lector Justina Pilak.

A round-table was the main site for the discussion, which gathered representatives of the Polish Union of the Caucasus Mineral Waters, university’s mass media editors-in-chief, lectors from the Chair of Conflictology, Public Relations and Journalism of Institute of International Relations, future international journalists.

During the round-table, Polish journalists paid a special interest to the organization of an educational process in the University, utilization of informational aids, harmonization of interethnic relations in the university with students of more than 90 nationalities.

– We train our students not only as Russian citizens, it would be insufficient. We train them like citizens of the world, – said Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of the university. – They must understand that they are responsible for peace, having the formed concepts of difference between “aggression and peacekeeping”, “world and peace”… We pay a special attention to the internationalization of the university and training of experts, collaborating with 46 foreign institutions and educational organizations, and we aim for its broadening and collaborate with Polish universities as well.

Polish language classes in PSU started in 2009, when the first lector, a native speaker was sent by the Embassy of Republic of Poland in Moscow. Center of Polish Language and Culture was opened in 2011 supported by the Embassy and personally minister-counselor of the Embassy Piotr Marciniak. It actively collaborates with a national and cultural community the Polish Union in Caucasus Mineral Waters.

Up to 35 students study Polish language every year, the best of them go to Poland for summer internships in different Polish universities. In 2013 Rector A.P. Gorbunov was awarded an Order of the Polish Republic “Silver Cross for Merits” for development of Polish language learning.

During the discussion at the round-table the visitors were interested in the practice classes of journalists in the university. They were amused with a diversity of print media published by PSU and students. Media Center attracted a great interest. It is a unique site, wh ere the students from different Institutes and Higher schools are able to self-develop in journalism and media field. It provides for their demand and successful employment after the graduation in big press-service of government and municipal establishments, editorials of newspapers and TV channels.

– Great staff is a secret of success. It is perfect when teaching staff is young and full of energy. You are good at generation relay, – said Kipras Mazheyka, vice-president of International Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, famous international journalist. – And if your second-year students can make videos, other institutions may only have you as an example! I am certain that the university is not only the place to receive professional knowledge but also the discussion site to form students as persons.

Lectors and students shared their practice works in the projects making, told about the victories at big competitions on public relations and journalism, and showed videos made in the Media Center.

The communication continued with an interview for further publications in the Polish media.

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