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  • Opening of New Structural Functional Subdivisions and Laboratories at Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism PSU
  • Открытие новых структурно-функциональных подразделений и лабораторий ИЯМТ ПГУ

Открытие новых структурно-функциональных подразделений и лабораторий ИЯМТ ПГУ

One of the new stages of inter-university integrational processes on the way for a further development of the university was the unification of the Institute of International Service, Tourism and Foreign Languages and Institute of Languages, communicational management and Informational Technologies into the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism.

On October 9, 2017, was an important date for the IFLIT, because on this day Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of the PSU, Professor Y.Y. Grankin, Prorector for the academic policy, education quality control and informatization, and Professor Z.A. Zavrumov, Prorector for a scientific work and development of intellectual potential of the university together with Professor A.M. Akopyants, director of IFLIT, coordinators, all chairs heads, scientific officers and students of the institute opened three new structural and functional subdivisions and laboratories.

-    Chair of linguocommunicativistics and applied foreign languages (headed by Associate Professor V.V. Elkin), where are four linguistic sections: Spanish, German, French, and Italian;
-    Laboratory of intellectual systems and applied decisions modelling (headed by Associate Professor A.L. Brodskiy), fitted with up-to-date equipment and software;
-    Laboratory of Hospitality and Restaurant Service (headed by senior lector O.T. Grigorenko), fitted with a bar counter, dishes, and a special equipment received as a gift from the Hilton Garden Inn Moscow.

Apart from this, on the same day, the administration of the university congratulated the staff of the chair of tourism and hospitality (headed by Associate Professor T.A. Kolchugina) and chair of applied decisions, intellectual systems and informational and management technologies (headed by Associate Professor A.L. Brodskiy) on the new functional and equipped rooms.
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