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  • Послы русского языка провели занятия для учащихся школы при Посольстве России в Португалии

Послы русского языка провели занятия для учащихся школы при Посольстве России в Португалии

In 2017 PSU plays a role of a ground university for an international volunteer program “The Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World” and organizer of an educational expedition to Portugal.

Volunteers were able to work in three schools at once – in the capital as well as outside Lisbon. They had a traditional mission to make their students fall in love with Russia and Russian culture and they did it.

A meeting of volunteers with Oleg Belousov, Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Portugal which took place on November 14, was the crucial event of the expedition. He outlined a special importance of the Russian language extension and formation of a positive image of Russia by means of friendly relations of the youth of both countries, and he wished the guys success in their responsible mission as well. “Nowadays the Russian language needs a complex and universal support, - said Oleg Belousov. – No doubt, the actions like this abroad as well as in the Russian regions will help the popularization of the Russian language among the youth.”

Vladimir Luzgin, Counselor of the Russian Embassy in Portugal for Culture also took part in the meeting. He reminded about the long-term collaboration of diplomatic mission with Pyatigorsk State University and actively participated in the organization of educational expedition. According to him, this action’s organization was able due to the long-time fruitful relations. While this meeting Russian students told about their impression about the interaction with Portugal school students and expressed gratitude for the help in expedition organization.

After the meeting, the ambassadors of the Russian language gave classes to the students of the school at the Embassy of Russia in Portugal. During these classes, the children showed a great interest to study Russian language and culture. The ambassadors talked about weather phenomena and friendship, reinforcing the learned material with a song “Esli s drugom vyshel s put” symbolizing good relations between Russian students and Portugal school students. After that, the children got acquainted with a history of the Russian folk dolls and learned how to make a protective dolly. “It was very pleasant to see how the children sincerely wanted to know something new about the Russian language and culture, - said Yelizaveta Golovakha, ambassador of the Russian language. - Especially I remembered the second lesson, where we were making a Russian toy “Sun Horse”, it will remind them of our friendship.”

During the education expedition organized by Pyatigorsk State University within the frameworks of the program of student unions, which took place from November 10 to 19 the ambassadors of the Russian language Yevgeniya Yevglevskaya and Andrey Klenin (Pyatigorsk State University, Pyatigorsk), Yelizaveta Golovakha (A.S. Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language, Moscow), and Kristina Panich (South Federal University, Rostov-on-Don) gave classes in three Portugal schools, teaching the Russian language and culture to the children of different ages. Before that, the volunteers studied in a head University of the program “Ambassadors of the Russian language in the world” – A.S. Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language. PSU and PSIRL experts worked with the students, providing methodic and organizational support to the expedition: Nina Orlova, deputy head of the Center of International Education, Assistant Professor of the Chair of language arts and pedagogic technologies of philological education of Pyatigorsk State University, and Varvara Filippova, senior lecturer of the Chair of foreign experts internship at Pushkin Institute.
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