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  • День российского студенчества – 2018

День российского студенчества – 2018

On January 25, students of Pyatigorsk State University celebrated the Day of Russian Students with their typical spirit and creativity.

The festival of the youth and happiness began with a colorful big break. Students from all the Institutes and Higher Schools took an active part in the competition prepared by the Council of Students and Postgraduates and Trade-union of Students and Postgraduates of the university. Guys were hiding cheat notes, were running searching for teachers to sign their mark books, moved into fake dorms. Some students won prizes, such as health resort package, and cafeteria certificates.

A holiday concert continued the festive day, which included not only great creative program but awards to the best students as well.

A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU and E.D. Kondrakova, Rectors’ counselor handed the awards and letters of gratitude to the students, who made a big contribution to the development of the university.

- This is a reason why we need to say words of gratitude to our teaching staff, for educating you in a right direction, - said A.P. Gorbunov. – You allow us to think that Pyatigorsk State University graduate should be not only a skillful expert in his profession but also a great person with a spacious mind, with an understanding, very confident attitude for life! Our university is proud of the fact that it graduates the citizens of the world, who bring peace to all parts of the world, collaboration, friendship, and love instead of conflicts and aggression!

Those who were invited for the award for the first time went first. They were 54 students of the best university of Russia and the entire world. PSU expressed hope that they would inspire students to achieve high goals, transform the world with their active life and socially useful activity, making it a better place”.

Those who receive the awards for the second time were able to make it to the Golden fund of the university next year. They and their parents received letters of gratitude for their active stand in life and participation in important events of the university. Such letters were handed out to some active foreign students as well.

Traditionally the Day of Russian Students is celebrated on a grand scale with a creative inspiration of students. This day is a reason to remember the traditions of Russian education and Russian science.
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