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  • День всех влюбленных отметили студенты ПГУ

День всех влюбленных отметили студенты ПГУ


St. Valentine’s Day is always celebrated on a large scale in PSU, and this time was not an exception. The university students started to feel the festive atmosphere a day before when the English Club gathered to discuss love.

It was evident for all how the university hall transformed on February 14. Hearts, valentines, and other decorations created the festive atmosphere. If someone forgot to wish Happy St. Valentine’s Day to their loved ones, they could be reminded of this.

The festival coincided with “dance Wednesday” in PSU, so it included a lot of dance competitions. All who came to celebrate this Day were told the legend about St. Valentine and were offered to take part in different couple competitions. The organizers created a special route which went through the stations with tasks: newspaper dance, original photo, blacksmith of the happiness, where couples hammered wedding rings. After making it through stages of the competitions, they could register their relations in an improvised registry office.

The celebrations terminated with the annual competition “He and She”, where the most creative couples of Pyatigorsk State University took part. “Love got lost in poems” that was the name of this year’s competition. The couples must have told about their love in verse, which made it more difficult. Every year the competition participants surprise the spectators and jury with their creative skills, ideas, and original performances. This year, the students from each Institute and Higher school prepared performances in characters of poets, films, and books heroes.

Elizaveta and Yuri from Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism told about the love story which survived the Great Patriotic War, Nadezhda and Artyom from Higher School of Design and Architecture told about a tragic love of Severus Snape and Lilly Potter. Aza and Mikhail from Institute of International Relations proved the power of love: despite the differences of people they were ought to be together if they are sincere to each other. Elvira and Artyom from Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies carried the viewers to the magic world of Crimson Sails by Alexander Grin, Luzana and Aleksandr from Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism showed relations of Sergey Esenin and Isadora Duncan who talked different languages. Maryana and Arman from the Higher School of Management remembered the Turkish novel “The Wren”, telling a love story of Feride and Kamran.

Each couple made a big impression on the spectators. “I haven’t seen such a charming and “tasty” competition last years” – said Elvira Kondrakova, Rector’s Counselor. The festive evening terminated with a determination of the best couple. Aza and Mikhail received Audience Award, and Elvira and Artyom were the Best Couple 2018.

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