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  • Развитие академического партнерства ПГУ и Учебного университета Кампании им. Ванвителли

Развитие академического партнерства ПГУ и Учебного университета Кампании им. Ванвителли


Italian Professor Margherita Rasulo visited PSU within the program of development of the academic partnership and scientific contacts of Pyatigorsk State University with University of Campania Vanvitelli (Italy) from February 27 to March 11, 2018.

The visit program was oriented on the formation and development of linguo-communicative competences of students, who study foreign languages in our university and included open lectures.

Lections’ subjects were interesting and diverse:

1) English and Globalization;

2) English as Lingua Franca in specific contexts;

3) English varieties: British and American varieties;

4) English in Italy and Europe;

5) English and Italian stereotypes.

All the students who wanted to get more profound practice of the intercultural communication in the Italian language visited a workshop presented by M. Rasulo called La Comunicazione Intercultural, which was translated online on the university web-page. It was made able by the coordinated actions of V.V. Elkin, Head of the Chair of linguo-communicativistics and applied foreign languages PSU and personnel of the Center of Development of Educational and Informational technologies directed by V.V. Strukov.

During her visit, Margherita Rasulo had business meetings with Professor Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, I.M. Akopyants, director of IFLIT, M.Y. Getmanskaya, deputy director for academic work at IFLIT, N.V. Khomovich, coordinator for internationalization and international collaboration at IFLIT, Associate Professor V.V. Elkin, head of the Chair of Linguo-communicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages. They discussed methods of further academic and scientific collaboration.

Since IFLIT is a ground of the implementation of the Russian and Italian agreement about double diploma program at the master’s level. During this visit, Professor M. Rasulo had scientific consultations with Professor I.M. Akopyants, head of the Chair of theoretic linguistic and intercultural communication practice, and Associate Professor E.P. Khidesheli, Natalia Davydova, and Alla Kolesnikova.

Students who learn Italian and participate in exchange programs organized a rich tour program for the guest. It included sightseeing and acquaintance with Caucasian cuisine. Fine traditions of International Women’s Day celebration made a great impression of Margherita Rasulo.

Fruitful friendly contacts of Pyatigorsk State University and the University of Campania Vanvitelli open new pages of mutually beneficial relations.

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