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В ПГУ состоялись Университетские чтения - 2019


New 2019 year had a very productive start in Pyatigorsk State University. University Readings – 2019 Scientific and Practice Conference started its work on the first work days of January as a part of Big Science Days. It gathered around 500 masters, postgraduates, and lectors.

Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, opened the plenary meeting of the conference, congratulating everyone on holidays, and outlining some important achievements of the university. In his report “About Super-super(trans)dialectic and super-super(trans)logical-historic, super-super(trans)conceptual super-super(trans)realism” A.P. Gorbunov told about his research. Taking great philosophers (Demosthenes, Hegel, Marks) and their works as an example, Rector noted the versatility and synchronicity of all types of connection in all the fields which leads to new levels. Professor called the audience for development of progressive social and humanitarian science with future perspective as well as to pay attention not on the research of results but to consider the main question: what possible and necessary types, methods, and levels of links do exist.

Professor Vyacheslav Shulzhenko in its report “Russian Language in Conference Form: Discussion Questions of Functioning” told about timely problems and controversy issues in Russian language.

Professor Maya Astvatsaturova in her report told about contemporary social and politic trends in the North Caucasus aspect.

Gennadiy Vorobyev showed the state and prospects of a world online education in details, underlining that this type of education is getting popular day by day.

The plenary meeting ended up with a jubilee multimedia presentation of “Innovations and Achievements Salon – 2018”. It included information about the basic scientific results of university subdivisions activity in 2018.

The opening was followed by two days of symposiums on different themes, covering timely problems of linguistics, literature, psychological and pedagogic sciences, history and modern times, informatization, mathematics and natural sciences, contemporary law.

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