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  • В ПГУ прошли празднования Дня российского студенчества

В ПГУ прошли празднования Дня российского студенчества


Active and happy, smart and initiative students of the university which opens and transforms the world celebrated the Russian Students Day on a grand scale. On January 24, a day before the holiday, active students fr om the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism organized a vivid break with a concert program and competitions, sweets and punch waited for guests at the entrance hall.

Active celebrations began on January 25, on a big break, students organized eating contests with cakes and burgers and quizzes as well.

The celebrations traditionally moved to the Big Hall where greeting letters handing overs and PSU Rector’s speech began. Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov noted a high activity level of the awarded students. Elvira Kondrakova, Rector’s Counsellor on education and projects.

Students were awarded in three parts: those who visited Rectors Reception for the first time were the first to come on stage. They were 54 students who have managed to make great efforts for the alma mater development.

Then, letters of gratitude were handed out to the students who visited Rector’s Reception for the second time. All 28 awarded students are only one step fr om being enlisted in the Golden Fund of PSU.

After that, the stage welcomes 20 the most prominent representatives of the university, those students, who will be remembered for a long time, and whose names will be written in the golden book of the best: Margarita Avagimyan, Anita Arakelyan, Armenui Asmaryan, Islam Bakkaev, Anna Bulatova, Diana Dzhioeva, Fatima Dzibisova, Tembulat Irigov, Elina Kadimagomedova, Ayzhana Koneeva, Oksana Mazdogova, Maria Machekhina, Maria Okhotnikova, Andrey Sysoev, Yuriy Sysoev, Milana Tamazova, Fatima Shavaeva, Alina Sheykho-Allor, Ulangerek Shinavova, Aslan Shorov. Students received certificates and badges with PSU sign. Letters of gratitude from the administration and student organizations were prepared for their parents as well, for “cultivation of a kind, smart, noble person, who has authority with his friends, colleagues, and lectors of the university.”

A concert, organized by the Center of Culture and Creativity was a rich continuation of the ceremony.

Russian Students Day celebration is an exciting event in student life. And the fact that a new name of the institution, Pyatigorsk State Outstanding University sounded at the ceremony proves that PSU is not only an institution, wh ere people study, but PSU is also a way of life, a world wh ere students of the best university of Russia and the world live in peace!

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