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  • Beshtau Cross – 2019 International Trail Running Festival Takes Place
  • Состоялся Международный фестиваль трейл-раннинга «Бештаугорский крест – 2019»

Состоялся Международный фестиваль трейл-раннинга «Бештаугорский крест – 2019»


The next “Beshtau Cross – 2019” International Trail Running Festival took place on April 7, 2019. P.N. Baryshnikov, Associate Professor at the Chair of social and philosophic disciplines of oriental studies and theology took part in this event (as a part of the sports events devoted to 80th anniversary of PSU (the distance time 5 hours 18 min, overall standing is to be detailed).

Beshtau Cross is the main trail of the festival. Beshtau is the highest summit of the region with 1400 m above sea level. The distance includes all 5 summits of the mountain. “Cross” defines a distance where a participant must return to the main summit after each minor ones. The overall distance equals to 16.6 km with 2000 m elevation difference.

During this run, the university flag 5 times was at the main summit and one time at each of the minor summits.

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