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  • “Russia is Our Common Home!” Friendship Festival Took Place in PSU
  • Фестиваль дружбы «Россия – наш общий дом!» прошел в ПГУ

Фестиваль дружбы «Россия – наш общий дом!» прошел в ПГУ


“Russia is Our Common Home!” friendship festival took place in PSU. One of the most vivid events of the university is 20 years, and it becomes richer every year going on uniting different peoples and cultures.

The day traditionally began from the presentation of national cuisines. Tables with a great diversity of fine cuisine were decorated with symbols and flags of the cultures represented. Everyone could taste Russian pirozhki, Chechen chepalgsh, Balkar cakes with cheese and greens, American brownie, and a lot more.

The event culminated into the great concert called “Russia is Our Common Home”, organized by the “Student Club” Center of Culture and Creativity, together with the most active and talented students.

The festival was opened by Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of Pyatigorsk State University, chairman of the NCFD Institutions Rectors Council. In his speech, A.P. Gorbunov noted the importance of this festival: “We have a very strong international and interconfessional policy in our university, and it is directed on the consolidation of young people!”

Rector thanked representatives of the administration Valeriy Nesterov, assistant of Stavropol Krai Governor, and Nikolay Borisevich, assistant of the Stavropol Krai Governor in Executive Office. People from more than 20 Russian regions and 8 foreign countries (Great Britain, Mexico, France, Germany, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Siria) visited the festival. They also took part in an international practical seminar “Volunteer is speaking: Best Practices of Volunteer Activity.”

National dances and songs impressed everyone by their identity and professional presentation. Hebrew dances gave way to lezghinka – Chechen, Balkar, Dagestan; Armenian kochari, Ossetian folk songs, and Greek drums. The spectators could see the national dresses of each folk represented.

The festival ended up with the performance of all the participants, who gave the spectators an unforgettable feeling of friendship, love, and unity.

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