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  • Итоги реализации совместной германо-российской грантовой программы «ПолитОбразование»

Итоги реализации совместной германо-российской грантовой программы «ПолитОбразование»

In August 2019, a group of students from Pyatigorsk State University who study German as a second foreign language won a chance to have a three-week internship in Dortmund, Germany. This trip was made able by a grant from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A joint project for this grant was prepared by Erich Fritz, vice-president of the International Community of North Rhine Westfalia, who has been a partner to our university for a long period of time, and N.M. Kashirina, assistant professor at the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism.

Within the frameworks of this program, PSU students learned Political Education, studying not only German but also the German political system and culture. The principal attention was paid to the improvement of language skills backed by meetings with native speakers, receptions at political institutions, workshops, and tours.

Our students had a chance to visit different cities of North-Rhine Westfalia such as Bonn, Dusseldorf, and Bochum. Grant organizers and important political figures welcomed the students in every city. They also saw Cologne, Essen, Munster, and even Amsterdam. The girls said that they had a lot of classes during their German internship, although it was not a bad thing. Due to such efficient classes, our students felt calm and confident while being in another country, and they improved their German a lot.

The grant program participants left with unforgettable emotions about this trip, and shared their impressions:

“The summer school is a unique opportunity not only to improve the German language but also to increase the knowledge about politics. I enjoyed taking part in the workshops. The greatest thing was that we had a chance to participate in discussions in German. A friendly atmosphere facilitated communication, and if it comes to a language barrier, I didn’t even notice that.” (Marina Beglaryan).

“I guess this trip played the most important role in my professional life. Thanks to my three-week stay in Dortmund I realized all the advantages of my profession and that I did the right thing when I enrolled in PSU. While enjoying the beauty of Germany and listening to German speech for three weeks I didn’t stop enjoying that atmosphere around us. That is the amazing feeling when you feel that three years of studying German were not in vain, and all that work which has been done by me and my lector is beginning to yield results.” (Lyudmila Skibina).

“I was very glad to become a summer school student of Political Education. Three weeks in Germany passed with a speed of light thanks to really rich days, filled with classes, seminars, tours, etc. The greatest attention was paid to the German language, which really helped us to improve our language skills and to conquer the fear of making mistakes while talking with a native speaker. Thanks to our tours, we realized how unique German is and how its institutions function. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. I guess this trip will have a positive influence on our further academic and professional activity.” (Milana Shokumova).

“While studying at the summer school on Political Education I significantly improved not only my German but also learned about the political system of Germany. During this rather short three-week term I was lucky enough to come into contact with a completely different reality, completely different social space, and I’m very glad. German language classes, seminars on politics, educational tours, all made a significant contribution to my development. This program has proved to me in practice that all the barriers are in minds, I realized that our goals are not so difficult to achieve as we used to think. We must try, do all we can, and then everything is possible!” (Tamara Gochiyaeva). 
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