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  • В Пятигорском государственном университете отметили День российского студенчества

В Пятигорском государственном университете отметили День российского студенчества

It must be hard to find a student in Russia, who doesn’t know about Russian Students Day, and who doesn’t celebrate this holiday. Pyatigorsk State University has its own traditions of this day celebration. Rector’s reception which gathers the most active and successful students is one of those traditions.

On January 24, 2020, the Russian Students Day started from the entertainment program, organized by the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies. The main hall was decorated with balloons and PSU Golden Fund students’ photos, and American style competitions took place during a big break. The students took part in different games such as Beer pong, Water Attack, Baby rattle, Collect cups, and Separation anxiety.

The celebrations traditionally moved to the Event Hall, gathering university administration and students from all the Institutes and Higher Schools. Rector of PSU Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorbunov said his welcome speech, congratulating everyone on the holiday and saying words of gratitude to the organizers of the event, as well as active students for preserving a tradition of Russian Students Day and Rector’s Reception:  “The Russian Students Day has become a very warm holiday; it is celebrated in every university of Russia. We also honor our best students, pay gratitude to their families for such children. Today our graduates live and work in more than 120 countries of the world, and can be a major asset, because they work not for the conflicts, wars, greed, and hatred but for kindness and cooperation, for international and interconfessional friendship. We are well-bred and we want everywhere to be like this”. Aleksandr Pavlovich also said that “the results of the university’s work are inseparable from studentship and every new generation of students, allow the university to develop and achieve a new level.”

Elvira Dmitrievna Kondrakova, Rector’s council for academic and extramural work, welcomed the ceremony participants: “I think that the Russian Students Day is the most touching, and the brightest holiday of our university. We want to say thanks to the parents, who are here today, thanks to our colleagues, and thank you, guys, that you do a lot to make our university better. It’s a great joy to know that our work is not in vain and that you give all your powers and all your talents to honor our university.”

After that, Rector handed out Letters of Gratitude for the parents, whose children were invited for the Rector’s Reception for the second time.

The students who were invited to the Rector’s Reception for the third time deserve special attention. 18 bright representatives of the university: Yuriy Denisovich Alyoshin, Olga Olegovna Fedtsova, Elena Aleksandrovna Balabanova, Angelina Vladimirovna Belyaeva, Kamilla Yakovlevna Egiazarova, Nelli Tigranovna Isunts, Bela Rafaelevna Kardanova, Alina Olegovna Kotolova, Alina Chermenovna Sokhieva, Anna Grigorievna Komarova, Deniza Abubakarova, Milena Sulkhanovna Dzhigkaeva, Diana Anzorovna Salpagarova, Anastasiya Vitalievna Koshkidko, Tatiana Artemovna Osipova, Emiliya Kazbekovna Tautieva, Nina Minasovna Bagyan, Meri Sarkisovna Stepanyan. The students were officially enlisted in the Golden Fund of PSU and received corresponding certificates, orders, and a memory book of our university’s graduates. 

Elvira Kondrakova read brief essays of the PSU Golden Fund students. They wrote that they were very grateful for the university and which events were the brightest during their student life.

The ceremony culminated in the concert, organized by the Center of Culture and Creativity at PSU. 
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