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  • PSU Holds 5th Pyatigorsk International UN Model
  • В ПГУ прошла юбилейная V Пятигорская международная модель ООН

В ПГУ прошла юбилейная V Пятигорская международная модель ООН


It is for the 5th time that Pyatigorsk State University opens its doors for the most ambitious and passionate students from 24 regions of Russia and 17 foreign countries to discuss and solve the timely problems of the world community.

PSU gathered 160 young people to agree on resolutions on five committees’ agendas, communicating in three work languages of UN: Russian, English, and Arabic.

  • Executive Committee of the World Healthcare Organization (RU), equal access to the results of the world medicine progress;

  • Executive Council of UNESCO (RU), access to high-quality education in the conditions of a pandemic;

  • UN Committee on Sustainable Development (AR), a movement towards sustainable consumption and production;

  • Security Council (RU), peacekeeping forces in conflict solution in the former Soviet republics;

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (ENG), creation of proper conditions for refugees in post-conflict regions.

Also, the Model’s was covered by the Informational Committee in three informational agencies.

Dignitary guests paid close attention to the ceremonious opening of the event. The delegated were greeted by Sergey Starikov, Assistant Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal District, Viktoriya Karslieva, Director of A.M. Gorchakov Fund of Public Diplomacy Support, Vyacheslav Potapov, Second Secretary of the Representation, and Ruven Gazanchyan, graduate of the Institute of International Relations of PSU, multilateral cooperation expert at the UN Representation in Tajikistan.

Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, said in his greeting speech that “reproduction of the United Nations work mechanism within the UN Model makes its efforts more significant and opens great opportunities to the event participants.”

Sergey Starikov said: “The Administrative Office of Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal District pays big attention to all young workforce policy. No doubt, the UN Model is one of the elements to study an HR potential and the offers which will be made during the sections work.” Grigoriy Mkhitaryan, Secretary-General of the 5th Pyatigorsk International UN Model, came out with a commencement address and declared the UN Model open.

After the ceremonious opening, the participants listened to the lectures of the guests: Elena Ponimareva, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor at the Chair of Comparative Politology at MSIIR on “Political Upheavals as Factors of Global Struggle” and Andrey Fursov, Director of the Institute of System and Strategic Analysis, Director of the Center of Russian Research at MSU, Academician of International Academy of Science, on “The End of “Watershed” Era: Global Order Versus International Order.”

On the following days, Model delegates presented positions of countries, started debates, created coalitions in order to agree on resolutions as the result of the work. The work was guided by 17 experienced modelists, who presented the Presidium. Each of them had more than 10 models in their background.

The days of Model were eventful not only with practice but also with a cultural program: cinema, theater, and intellectual games. In addition, the participants managed to go sightseeing around Pyatigorsk and visit a unique “Russia, My History” museum on the day of arrival.

The final day of the Model was marked with formal and informal parts of the program: official summing-up grew into the good tradition of modelists to leave each other wishes on the country’s nameplates, the final speech of the Secretary-General gave way to the celebration banquet ball in the night. Professor of RAS Yana Leksyutina, Gorchakov Fund Expert, Professor at the Institute of International Relations of Saint Petersburg State University also took the floor and dived the delegates of the Model to the subject of China position in the global arena and the country’s relations within UN.

For five years the UN Model has been organized by the private establishment of Youth Initiatives together with Pyatigorsk State University. The event was funded by A.M. Gorchakov Fund of Public Diplomacy and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

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