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  • Пятигорский государственный университет отметил День знаний

Пятигорский государственный университет отметил День знаний

The Day of Knowledge is a holiday, which unites everyone who is eager to get new knowledge and to develop their potential. The day is especially important for those who start a new serious stage in their life, which is studentship, and who make the first steps towards their professional evolvement and a successful future. That day started with a ceremonious meeting of the university administration with freshers. This year more than 1,400 students joined the united family of PSU. The enrollment campaign 2021 results were the best for the recent years, not only by the number of students but also by the quality: a lot of students have the highest attestation, uniform, and enrollment exams points.

Following the restrictive measures, there were four meetings with freshers on two days.

Professor Aleksandr Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, Vice President of Russian Union of Rectors, Chairman of NCFD Universities Rectors Union, Member of Stavropol Krai Duma, congratulated the students on the academic year beginning. Addressing to the students, Professor A.P. Gorbunov told about the high quality of education at the university, its peculiarities, and a possibility to obtain additional education, also noting high cultural standards of the staff: “Our university promotes mutual respect, developing the youth policy; we try to do everything for you, for the youth. We will support any of your initiatives, help them go the right way, even fund them if necessary.” The Rector also said that PSU was an international and multi-confessional university, pointing out that there are only peace and harmony within its walls.

Professor Yuriy Yurievich Grankin, Prorector for the Academic Policy, Educational Quality Control, and Informatization, also congratulated the first-year students of PSU. He reminded that education is a principal goal of the students. Everyone must remember that not only lecturers are responsible for the knowledge acquisition but the students as well.

PSU formed and continues developing the educational work, coordinated by Elvira Dmitrievna Kondrakova, Rector’s Advisor for the Educational and Extracurricular Work. “It is the most interesting time in your life starting right now, – said E.D. Kondrakova to the students. She noted that PSU not only gives a qualitative education but prepares the students for future life. PSU students can not only become skilled specialists in their field but also form personal qualities like responsibility, punctuality, communicativeness, initiativity, determination. Today PSU graduates work in high positions and now they are successful people who began their way at the university.

Vadim Borisovich Doroshenko, Head of the Department of Integrated Safety and Security, discussed comprehensive issues with the freshers: access control at the entrance, university attendance rules and mode, peculiarities, and order of dormitory accommodation, counterterrorism and extremism efforts, following the standards of conduct, corruption control.

By tradition, in 2021 PSU received students and masters from all over Russia (from 42 regions including NCFD and SFD regions) as well as from 10 foreign countries. At present, Pyatigorsk State University provides training for higher education and secondary education students, master’s students, postgraduate students, and interns from 73 regions of Russia and 40 foreign countries.

We congratulate all students on the beginning of a new academic year! May this year be successful, fruitful, interesting, and rich. Do not lose any opportunity given to you by Pyatigorsk State University.
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