День знаний в ПГЛУ

As usual, a ceremony for the beginning of a new academic year in PSLU gathered several hundreds of people. The square before the university was filled with first year students holding flags of Institutes and Higher Schools, masters, postgraduates, and professors. 

Professor A.P. Gorbunov, the Rector of the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Professor Y.S. Davydov, the President of the University, A.V. Vartanov, Head of the Trade Union Organization, and A.A. Revezov, Head of the Council of Students and Postgraduates of PSLU said their words of salutation to all the people gathered in the square. They wished all the students, especially the first year students, personal success, achievements, and making significant contributions to the university.

We should note that 985 people entered the university in the programs of medium and higher education in 2015. From the beginning of admission committee work 4794 applications were sent to the programs of higher professional education. The average Uniform State Exam grade for the full time education amounted to 71.26, which proves the improvement of new students’ quality. 

Apart from the representatives of 21 subordinate entities of the Russian Federation, who joined the students of the university this year, students from Australia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine entered the university as well.

We wish all the success to the students of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University this year!
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